Filmmaker & Founder
Blair Winston's journey into filmmaking is a testament to passion and determination. His love for storytelling ignited when he taught himself stop-motion animation, using Legos to bring his creations to life. Writing scripts soon became integral to his creative process, deepening his storytelling skills.
After high school, Blair secured an internship with Zeptepi Creative, where he gained comprehensive knowledge of filmmaking and developed an interest in the business side. At Temple University, he networked tirelessly, landing roles on upperclassmen sets as a freshman, enriching his filmmaking expertise.
Driven by his determination, Blair founded "Film by Winston," an independent film studio. His debut short film, "CIGARETTE," premiered at Temple's Diamond Series BIPOC Film Festival, winning Best Cinematography. This marked a turning point in his career.
Blair's journey led him to a leading role in LF8, an entertainment production company, where they embarked on "Bounty in Chinatown," highlighting diverse storytelling and high-quality productions.
Recognizing the need for balance, Blair changed his major to advertising after his freshman year. This decision streamlined his workflow as an independent filmmaker and deepened his understanding of digital marketing.
Today, Blair's professional life balances filmmaking and content creation seamlessly. He is setting the stage for a creative and prosperous career, where storytelling, digital marketing expertise, and content creation converge.
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